Football Operations

Lee Johnson

Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator

Johnson is returning to the 2019 NAL National Championship Jax Sharks Team. For the 2020 season he has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator and will remain the Shark's Assistant Head Coach under James Fuller. Coach Johnson has 20 years of experience not just with NAL, Coach Lee has pro experience with the National Football League (NFL) with the Washington Redskins; as well as multiple teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the American Football League (AFL). With Coach Johnson's leadership the Sharks built an unstoppable offensive and defensive team that resulted in Jacksonville to finish first in total points scored (805) during the regular season. In which, that would be an average of 57.5 points a game. Coach Lee's offensive linemen only allowed 11 sacks all season, which was fewest in the NAL League. Meanwhile, the defensive line amassed 40 sacks against opponents, once again being the most in the NAL season.

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