Sharks Embarrassed in Carolina 73-33

06/09/2018 9:23 PM -

GREENSBORO- The Jacksonville Sharks (6-4) were taken down by the number one Carolina Cobras (7-2). This loss breaks the Sharks five-game win streak, and breaks the Sharks streak for consecutive victories against a number one-seed team with two. This loss for Jacksonville keeps the Sharks at 99 franchise victories.

The Sharks couldn’t get things into a rhythm all game, which threw this hot team off of their tracks. Quarterback Adrian McPherson was 14-of-31 for 156 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, one fumble, and rushed the ball once for two yards before being benched by Patrick McCain, who threw 4-of-13 for 51 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, rushed one time for four yards. McCain also completed a two-point conversion pass late in the fourth quarter. The top receiver for Jacksonville was Cody Saul with seven receptions for 61 yards and one successful two-point conversion. Next in line for Jacksonville is Chris Gilchrist with four receptions for 80 yards and two touchdowns. Antonio Vaughan also received the ball four times for 47 yards. Tom Gilson was targeted multiple times, but only snagged one catch for seven yards. A new face for the Sharks saw the field for the first time and recorded his first catch. Jensen Stoshak is that receiver with one catch for nine yards, which was the last time Jacksonville passed the ball in the game.

To start the game, the Cobras got into things and scored an easy 13 points. Cobras Wide Receiver Jordan Jolly saw the first touchdown of the game from a 31-yard bomb down the field. On the second Cobras score, McPherson fumbled the snap and was recovered by the Cobras defense in the end zone. Jacksonville didn’t like what was happening, so they blocked the PAT and Dallas Jackson returned the blocked kick into two-points. Jacksonville got the ball back and quickly scored off of a 31 yard pass down the field from McPherson to Gilchrist to make things 9-13 in just under a minute and a half. To start the second quarter, Damien Jacobs wrecked the offensive line and got to Cobras Quarterback Charles McCullum in the end zone for a safety. That puts the score 11-13 with Jacksonville slowly coming back. The Cobras got back to their scoring streak as McCullum found Phillip Barnett for a two-yard touchdown to make the score 22-11 with the Cobras on top. An interception by Marvin Ross gave the Sharks the perfect opportunity to score and get right back into the game. The Sharks did just that with a 37-yard touchdown pass from McPherson to Gilchrist, each their second touchdown of their night. A successful deuce from Sharks Kicker Brandon Behr made things close with a new score of 20-22 with the Sharks barely trailing the Cobras. To put a close to the first half, Behr’s 23-yard field goal was good and McCullum found Fabian Guerra for a 14 yard touchdown to put the score at 23-28 with the Sharks slipping behind.

The entire second half was one-sided in the Cobras favor. Wide Receivers Jordan Jolly, Phillip Barnett, and Fabian Guerra found the end zone for a combined five touchdowns before the Sharks could score again. In the middle of the third quarter, Sharks Quarterback Patrick McCain entered the game. He didn’t throw a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter with 1:52 to play. Shortly after the touchdown, the Sharks went for an onside kick. The kick was recovered by Carolina and returned for a touchdown. After the touchdown, Cobras Kicker Craig Peterson’s deuce attempt is good to make things 73-33 heavily in the Cobras favor. From there, the game ended with a final score of 33-73 with the Sharks on the shorter end of the stick.